Sandbag is not just a camera rental house, it's an ASHRAM for aspiring cinematographers in Bangladesh. Besides renting out state of the art movie camera equipment's Sandbag strives to build international standard camera crews and cinematographers. Passionate individuals from all backgrounds (religion, education, gender or race) are welcome to use the residential facilities here while learning the art of cinematography completely for free of charge firsthand under the direct supervision of Rashed Zaman.  

The rental proceeds of this house are used to cover the living & salary of its apprentices. Please support Sandbag and become a part of building the next generation of world class film professionals in Bangladesh.

Sandbag was founded in 2009, jointly by Golam H. Kisloo, TW Sainik, Nehal Quaraisy, Piplu R. Khan, Rashed Zaman and Kamrul H. Khosru with the dream of improving the overall standard of film industry in Bangladesh.